Task Groups


Key to Success

The key to the sucessful development of internationally recognized data standards is the open collaboration between industry and user groups. This has been the first, and one of the toughest, hurdles we have always placed in front of teams wanting to work on the IUPAC JCAMP-DX data standards.

Too much effort has been wasted in the past by diverse bodies developing various data "standards" without first getting agreement of the relevant industries to actually implement the results of their efforts.

To avoid conflicting developments it is also important that the user representation on the task group also is based on a representative body. A good example of this is the International Society of Ion Mobility Spectrometry driving forward the development of the JCAMP-DX IMS protocol.

Do you have a Need?

If you see the need for a standardisation of data exchange and archiving in your field which is not currently being addressed then please feel free to contact us via the email link below.....remembering that we will be looking for a respresentative user group and industry/instrument vendor participation in any Task Group that is IUPAC funding.

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